Outdoor Living

Your landscape needs to have timeless beauty and make a stunning first impression. Indiana Limestone pavers and garden steppers can give your yard, pool, or patio an added flair.  Not any flair, but lasting products that won’t crumble under the hands of the elements.

With a lengthy history and a best-in-class turnaround time, Indiana Limestone Company can guarantee durable and long-lasting landscaping products for your next project.

The exclusive colors and patterns of Ultrashield offer you countless possibilities. The latest Naturale range includes a unique treatment on the shield to make it the most natural composite ever. Products include; fencing, screen & partition beams, quickdeck tiles, composite decking and cladding.

You know quality when you see it. One-of-kind ironspot clays from Endicott Clay Products Co. create some of the world’s most unique brick and tile. Since 1920, Endicott has been setting the technological standards of the brick industry, meeting commercial and residential design criteria with the most unique colors in the world – top-quality in fit, color and texture. Face brick, pavers, thin brick, tile, murals, special shapes, pool coping and custom fireplaces are available in smooth, velour, artisan or matte finished quality and beauty of Endicott brick and tile.

Villa Lagoon Tile’s new Breeze Blocks are adding to the revival of mid-century modern architecture with the introduction of their more refined, modern version of the pattern wall block. We like to call them “Breeze Blocks 2.0”. They are hand-made blocks using fine sand aggregate and hydraulic presses, rather than the course cast products of the past. This makes the blocks thinner, smoother, and generally more appealing than their “1.0” counterparts.

Breeze Blocks are available in multiple shapes and sizes, over 40 patterns, and 7 colors for special order.