The Sparkling Clean Chancery Hall

Project Address: 3 Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton, AB

General Contactor: Global Vapor

Product: Eaco Chem, OneRestore

Chancery Hall is one of the dominant buildings on the east side of Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton and houses various city departments and offices. This building features white pre-cast concrete wall panels. Over the years this building has grown to look very tired and dirty and the City of Edmonton wanted to refresh and renew it with a thorough cleaning. The challenge was to lift the staining and dirt from the panels without heavy water pressure which could remove fine aggregate from the panels or may damaging the windows or metal trim. After testing and comparison of various products OneRestore Restoration Detergent from EaCoChem was chosen for cleaning the project.

Global Vapor was contracted to clean the structure using hot water power washers from swing stage scaffolds. OneRestore Restoration Detergent from Eaco Chem was supplied by Cast Supply to aid in the removal of environmental dirt and staining that had built up over the past few decades. OneRestore allowed Global Vapour to achieve remarkable results with no manual scrubbing and because of the unique formulation of OneRestore there was no need to cover or protect windows and metal trim. This factor alone saved significant time and labour charges and provided the city the assurance they would not need to replace all their windows when the cleaning was complete. Two coats of OneRestore were used on some of the heavily soiled areas but the majority of the project involved a light pre-wet followed by one application of OneRestore and a thorough rinse.

The end result was a rejuvenated building that again looks bright white as it did when it was new. The City of Edmonton was very pleased with the results of the cleaning and was amazed at the transformation this process had on their building.