The Flawless Cash Store Financial

Project Address: 156 Street & 123rd Avenue Edmonton, AB

Architect: Dialog

General Contactor: Clark Builders

Masonry Contactor: Scorpio Masonry

Product: Endicott Brick, Manganese Ironspot, Thin Brick, Modular and Utility Size


Completed in the fall of 2011, The Cash Store Financial new head office stands tall on this busy corner and the manganese brick creates a changing color spectrum throughout the day. One of the advantages of the Endicott Clay Manganese brick is the mottled effect that is created when the sun strikes the brick at different angles, thus creating changes in the contrast of the brick from steel glossy to hard cold black. 

The Cash Store Financials new head office took advantage of the Endicott Clay Products Manganese full veneer brick in modular and utility sizes on the exterior. The interior of the building made use of complimentary thin brick. The full brick in the modular size, utilized a velour finish for the towering walls on the building. The utility brick, in a smooth finish was used for the base of the building and featured an L-Corner shape for a continuous brick wrap. Thin brick was utilized on the interior of the building to create the continuous flow from the outside to the interior. The thin brick is in the modular size with a velour finish. 

One-of-kind Ironspot clays from Endicott Clay Products Co. create some of the world’s most unique brick and tile. Since 1920, Endicott has been setting the technological standards of the brick industry, meeting commercial and residential design criteria with the most unique colors in the world – top-quality in fit, color and texture. Face brick, pavers, thin brick, tile, murals, special shape, pool coping and custom fireplaces are available in smooth, velour, artisan or matte finish.