Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, which are not posted here please email or call our office, we will be happy to help.


How do I properly calculate the materials I will require for my project?

First Measure the square footage of the total area that is to be covered by stone. If you are using corners on your project, plan for each linear foot of corner pieces to cover 3/4 square foot of the area. For Example: If you have 100 square foot wall with an 8 foot corner, the corner pieces would cover 6 square feet of wall. Subtracting 6 from 100, you would need 94 square feet of flat stone and 8 linear feet of corners.

What is manufactured stone made of?

Our Boulder Creek Stone is a precast concrete product composed of Portland cement, aggregate, water, admixtures and coloring.

What is the difference between Boulder Creek Manufactured stone from your competitors stone?

Boulder Creek has a compressive strength of 5500 psi versus 1800 psi on cultured stone. The overall end result is you have a stronger product less susceptible to damage from the environment. Also, Boulder Creek exceeds all areas required by the building codes in both US and Canadian markets. If you look at the properties of Boulder Creek versus Cultured Stone and Eldorado Stone (our 2 biggest competitors) certain areas stand out.

How can I fix damaged stone?

Small nicks and chips can be repaired using a color touch-up kit. Please contact us for your color touch-up kit.