Staff Profiles

Douglas Scorgie,

Principal of Cast Supply. 

With more than 30 years in sales and marketing, Douglas spent the last 14 years in the masonry community on both a distributing and manufacturing level. Douglas has built a solid reputation with the contractors in the Northern Alberta market. With a flair for design and attention to detail, Douglas has excelled in his relations within the masonry community. Douglas is focused on the supplier, contractor and operations end of the business, ensuring the needs of the contractors are being met in a timely fashion.


Fraser Powell,

Principal of Cast Supply, Sales and Marketing.

Fraser is well respected within the masonry, architectural and design communities with over 17 years of masonry and commercial construction experience. Fraser has a unique focus on design criteria and matching products to the vision designers are trying to realize within their projects. Fraser 's priority is providing high level service, detail and expertise to the architectural and design communities.  


Hugh Babcock,

Business development manager (Southern Alberta).

Hugh is a versatile sales professional with over 30 years experience in the construction and masonry industries. A solutions provider with a history of developing successful collaborative relationships at all levels. Focused on providing technical and logistical support for our complete product line up to the architects and contractors in the Southern Alberta market.


Shawna Rhode

Office Manager


Stephan Paleniuk,

Warehouse Manager


Milly Kilian,

Technical Sales Representative


Leya Dewalt,